Hello and Welcome,

I am a Cape Town based lifestyle and portrait photographer. I’m a chaser of light, love and laughter.

For me there is nothing like that feeling when capturing people just being who they are, the life I get to capture at that moment is just magical. The beautiful moment shared between two loved ones or a family of 5, the smiles and sparkle shared between people looking in each other’s eye, that warmness of a hug, a laugh, a gentle kiss, a moment of nothing but love and pure happiness. My world is sweet, natural, authentic.

I’m Susan…

My work is inspired by the emotion of love, the sound of laughter and the little and big ways we show that to one another. I enjoy taking photos of everything from a simple kiss on the cheek, a cuddly hug, a pretty seashell or a breathtakingly sunset.

I’m passionate about taking all of life in, especially through the lens of my camera. I believe that a beautiful photograph says it best. I am dedicated to capture the happiest moments and turning them into effortlessly elegant stills to be preserved for a lifetime.

“Whatever your adventure may be, It deserves to be remembered for decades to come. This is your little legacy.”

I live for all the beautiful moments, and I can’t wait to share in your memories!
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