I love capturing stories and moments with my camera. Making true connections with the families I photograph, and every session is different and unique in its own way.

Here are a few tips if you may be thinking of booking a family session with me:

What to wear:

Family photos are an investment and I believe what you wear for your session plays a big role.

Where to start:

When it comes to what to wear, consider how an outfit sits on your body, you want your outfit to sit properly and comfortably. Don’t wear something too loose or baggy that doesn’t provide any shape at all.

Take a look through my Pinterest board for inspiration, you will see how different outfits, colours and accessories change the look and feel of photos. There are no rules to how dressed up you need to be, tidy and casual is just as effective.

Here is the link for inspiration: https://pin.it/x6rhlqwl7t5yom

Start with colour, the easiest place to start wardrobe planning is with your colour palette. Don’t think matching, think coordination. Co-ordinate outfits will provide a subtle cohesiveness to your photos. I suggest sticking to a couple of colours and pick out clothes for the family within that colour range. Example: tones of blue, with neutrals, or complimentary pastel colours of pink, cream, soft blues, etc. Coordinate looks that are natural without being overly matchy.

Accessories and extras:

For women, adding accessories is a great way to add visual interest and create different looks. Bring with an extra jacket, scarf, dress or blouse can give a quick wardrobe change and will bring in the variety of different looks.

Please avoid:

Avoid clothes with too much details, patterns, logos, etc. Please also, a very useful and must hint, don’t wear patterned clothing where the patterns are very small, for example a checkered shirt, these small patterns creates strange visual effect in digital camera. It can cause distractions in photos and sometimes don’t photograph well. Black and white are great, but don’t go all white or all black. Break it up if possible.

Time of day:

As a natural light photographer, 90% of the time I don’t book session anytime around midday. I prefer sunrise or sunset sessions because this is when the light is at its best. However another stunning time for a session is just after sunrise and not long before sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon which we call the golden hour. The light is beautiful, soft and saturated. It truly makes a difference in your photos and of course an overcast day is also great but as we all know there’s a little something special about the light at sunrise and sunset.

Children’s smile

My favourite photos are natural, genuine moment that show the connection, emotion and character. I find that most of the time when asking a child to smile does not produce a true and natural smile. I will work on the smiles and will take strain from the parents :). It’s my job to ensure that you all have fun throughout the session. I have taken the most natural and enjoyable moments of children when I’m just following them around, letting them do their own thing, and letting them focus on you as parents of go running off to see a bird, etc. Children loves to play and to feel relaxed, the best photos happen when the child/children feels happy and save. Hint hint: If your child has a pup/puppy that can come with, do it. “,

Time frame and location of session

A family session usually takes an hour. The location will be discussed, whether you love your home, the beach or big trees, etc. Every family has their own unique idea of their session.

What to keep in mind:

Things won’t always go according to what you have envisioned for the shoot. Children has a mind of their own and may take a few tries to get them to smile and to become comfortable with a stranger that takes photos of them. Remember, it’s okay. After a little while they will warm up and will start to enjoy it. If you suddenly noticed a pimple the morning of your session and you feel very insecure, don’t let it bother you (I’ll work my magic). You don’t have anything to fear, a family photoshoot is about the love and bond between you and your family, which always comes naturally “, nothing else matter during this time.

Relax and enjoy the photo session!

Having a family photoshoot is a fun experience, a time spent together and enjoying the little things in life. I don’t focus on too much poses, I want to capture you all naturally filled with laughter and love. Family sessions are snapshots in time and become precious heirlooms to be enjoyed for years.

I hope all these gave you some idea and guidance for you to book a family session with me 🙂

If you would like to book a session, just head over to the “contact me” page and fill in the form. I would love to capture some genuine and beautiful moments with you and your family.