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Who are you?

My name is Susan, and I am lifestyle and portrait photographer.

What do you specialise in as a photographer?

I specialise in portrait, family, maternity, baby, children, couples and engagement shoots.

Where are you based?

I am situated in Table View, Cape Town.

What is your style?

I consider my style of photography to be warm, natural and heartfelt, it’s also fun and relaxed. I mostly use natural light and love to capture authentic moments. I will guide my clients into posing but will keep it sweet, simple and natural.

Do you have a studio?

Unfortunately no, but a studio can be hired if required.

Do you do weddings?

I only do very small weddings or elopements at the moment.

Do you work alone or with an assistant?

Currently, I work alone, if assistant is needed, it can be arranged.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon, and use lenses that will best capture the setting. I edit using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Do you edit photos?

Yes, I do. I do general editing of exposure, contrast, colour, brightness and will remove distractions. All photos are hand-retouched and I aim to make it into client-worthy art pieces.

Do you provide RAW files?

I don’t provide unprocessed images. You will however received your images in high-resolution format and every photo will be unique and beautiful.


What do your packages cost?

My collection information can be found on my packages page and for a formal quote, please contact me.

How do I book a session?

Head over to my “Contact” page for details, please fill in the form and send. I will then respond as soon as possible regarding my availability and to discuss, arrange your idea for the session.

How long does it take for us to receive the photos?

Editing takes approximately 2 weeks after the session, depending on my workflow. I usually try to edit them sooner and try my best to provide the final photos within the second week.

Do you share photos on social media?

I usually share a few and a small gallery on my website, but I provide your images first before I get sharing.

Want to know more?

Do you offer make-up for the session?

Unfortunately, not, but I do know of a few MU artists & Hairstylists if you would like to arrange it.

What do I wear for a photoshoot?

First off, ask yourself what do you feel good in? What makes you look good? What are you comfortable in, some ladies would say high heels, some will say flats or sandals. Wear something that is you. Ideally if it’s a family or more than one person, it would look beautiful if everyone is dressed in the same color or a color that compliments the other. You will know which colors suits your skin tone or that makes you stand out, be open to play around with ideas.

What can I do to make sure my photographs are beautiful?

Be yourself, don’t overthink the session. I’ll be sure to do my best to direct you and provide helpful tips and prompts to make you feel at ease and as beautiful as you are!

Feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Don’t worry, you will feel comfortable, that’s for me to worry, not you :)) I’ve got your back. At the end of the day you will get beautiful photos, just trust me 🙂

Can I do a shoot with more than one outfit?

Yes, indeed, if you want some casual and some formal, bring it along and we can shoot different styles.


Coffee or tea?

Coffee or a nice cappuccino or emm flat white 🙂

Favourite series/movie?

Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger things, Heartland, to name a few. Movies is tough, I will just name a classic or two, Pride and Prejudice and Grease. 😀 I love romantic movies, I think it’s a girl thing 😉 and there are so many great ones.

Favourite singer?

I like afrikaanse music, but also a big fan of modern country, my favourite country singer is Blake Shelton.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs… even though I also like cats. I grew up with loads of animals, many many dogs, chickens, few sheep and rabbits.

Dream holiday?

Mauritius was on top of my bucket list and it was a dream come true when we travelled in 2014. Another that I would like to visit is Italy, Ireland and Greece.

What do you do in your free time?

If I don’t find myself hooked on my pc with photo manipulation, which is something I enjoy, I then love spending time with my husband and exploring different sceneries. I love keeping fit and active whenever I can. I enjoy gaming and something that I recently started to enjoy is loom knitting.
I live for all the beautiful moments, and I can’t wait to share in your memories!
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