As a women, I can relate to other women who sometimes feels nervous about having their photos taken. It is totally okay to feel this way when you turn up for a photoshoot, suddenly you feel nervous and self-conscious, even if you were feeling 100% just a minute before the session.

And for this reason, before I even start shooting, I start talking to my clients, making them feel secure and that they are in good hands, I’ve learned talking and learning about them breaks the ice and takes away the nerves by having a camera facing at them. Interacting with my clients throughout the session helps a lot, well, okay easy for me, because I talk a lot – a lot! I start with natural fun photos so that they feel at ease in front of my camera.

Here is some of the things I do to help you enjoy your time in front of my camera and to ensure you walk away with beautiful photographs:


I keep it genuine, natural and laid-back.

Your vibe attracts your tribe, right? So, if I am all the above and at ease, it will rub off. “,

I aim to make you feel as comfortably as possible during the whole session.

Let me..

Let me worry about finding complimentary light, let me take care of finding the right angles and ensuring your posing looks natural. Put your trust in me so that you can have fun and enjoy being in the moment. After every session, I hear that they enjoyed the shoot even after there were some nerves. Everyone deserves beautiful photos of themselves and their loves ones and it doesn’t need to feel a visit to a dentist, photoshoots are fun, it won’t hurt, I promise 😉

I love talking!

Most people who know me, knows this is the honest truth! I talk a lot in general, but at the session I talk more from behind the camera, the only time I may go silent is when my clients are interacting with one another or a couple is having a sweet moment together, which puts me in ‘awe’ mode. Because I love capturing moments like that. I don’t want to set you off running because of this statement, during shoots, I mostly talk by giving you direction or something to do so that you don’t feel frozen and awkward. I am also there to cheer you and to encourage you throughout the shoot. Sometimes I may direct by showing you a standing or certain position as my explanation may not come out as I intent it to and then I’ll let you make it your own. Most of my interactions with you during the session will involve me asking you to interact, cuddle, talk, tickle one another, run towards me, now walk away, etc and just simply ignore me as you do you thing 🙂 But these simple acts will make you feel comfortable and happy.

By the end of the session, you will walk away with joy – I’ll make sure of that!

To have a fun session with me, whether it’s a portrait, a couple / engagement, maternity or family session, pop me an email – I love shooting just as much as laughing and talking.