Have you ever thought of doing a in-home session?

Woman making coffee during their in home photo session

Did you recently move into a new home, became new home owners, got a new pet, became new parents, moved in together? Then.. this session might just be the one and it will have special meaning for you!

Here is a few handful hints if you may consider a photo session in the comfort of you own home and why a home session is ideal:

Couple sitting enjoying a cup of coffee together during their photoshoot

A in-home session is perfect for couples and new parents!

While I am a natural light photographer, indoor photography session can work quite well (especially for moms who just had a baby, or for dog moms, who wants to include their fur children and they are a bit too playful to head out to the beach), either way it turns out to be a very fulfilling session.

Here is some frequently asked questions and answers when it comes to a home session.

Beautiful moment between husband and wife with their adorable dog looking at them

Why a home session?

Home sessions can be filled with love and comfort. A couple hugging one another while sharing coffee together, a couple baking together or sharing a pizza – tends to be a winner. A couple cuddling on the couch or bed with their furr babies (if you like) makes for beautiful art that can be printed and shared on your wall. It’s cosy and with home sessions, so many creative ideas can storm in.

Another reason is for new parents, staying in, especially during winter season bonding with your new little baby and having someone who captures those new memories.

How long is an indoor home session?

The session can take approximately 1 – 1.5 hours (depending what you want to bake) 🙂 or what you would like from the session.

If it’s however a new-born session, it may take up to 3 hours, depending on the baby’s needs. Babies do run the show and if they need to get fed, or in need for changing, we just go with the flow, handle the baby with care, lots of love and patience.

Which space / room is best for a home shoot?

Typically, with an in-home session, we could discuss 1 or 2 rooms in your home with the best natural lightning. Best will be a room which is painted white and with lots of light coming through.

Do you do 30min home sessions?

Unfortunately, not for in-home session. An 1 hour session is perfect for indoors to capture special moments or activities that couples or parents enjoy doing together in the comfort of their own home. We aim to get some authentic moments between couples and some candid moments, whether they make coffee together, bake a cake together, eat a pizza, cuddle with their furr children, etc.

Need a little bit more inspiration – Here are some in-home photo-session ideas that you may find interesting to let your creativity flow:


To inquire about an in-home session, feel free to contact me, I would love to assist. 😉