What you wear for your engagement session plays a great role!

Here is a few tips and tricks on how to dress in order to feel and look your best. There are many variables, but here are some top tips!

Wear what makes YOU feel confident.

Wear outfits that fits your personality and style. It could be a long, flowy dress, some trousers and a blouse, a jean with a t-shirt or a cocktail dress that is complimented by stilettos, flip flops or boots.

We all have our own unique taste and I embrace the unique-ness that is YOU and YOUR style. Most of us, especially women, we feel confident and beautiful when we are dressed the best. It reflects in your photos, also remember to wear something that makes you feel comfortable so that you are ready to slay your session.

You can never be too overdressed.

Keep in mind, the location of your session also plays a role in how you dress. If you’re session is at the beach, wear something comfortable like a flowy dress, or jeans with a t-shirt. Make it unique with your own style, we all have our own sort of ideas in mind when it comes to a beach shoot. Especially here in Cape Town, the weather is mostly unpredictable, we can have a gust of wind for a minute and perfectly nice weather the next, my advice is, is to bring something warm too just for in case. If you are planning a session that involves a lot of walking or hiking to the peak of a mountain, don’t dress in stilettos.

Dress according to the weather. This is pretty self-explanatory, I know. But when it’s hot, don’t wear pants and sweater. If it’s chilly, very windy and cold, don’t wear a summers dress. Whatever you decide to wear for the day must be comfortable! I think you’ve got the point. Be smart and dress accordingly. Some couples will bare the weather in something cute just for the shoot, but their minds are in a rush to finish it off, it makes the session uncomfortable and it’s almost impossible to get that special photos that you’ve dreamed of. It is however totally up to you, just keep comfort in mind.

Gorgeous couple sharing a loving moment during their photoshoot in Cape Town

Bring props and accessories! And puppies are welcome too!!

Props can add a little fun to the session. It can be as simple as sunglasses, a hat, a picnic & champagne, a cosy blanket to cuddle up with, or you can go all out and bring your fur-baby/ies. Let’s be real, puppies are the greatest prop! The options for props are endless. It isn’t necessary to do the shoot with props, so don’t stress. A sweet, simple and elegant session is just as gorgeous without any props. 

Don’t wear the same matching outfits.

We have seen the photos where couples or families wear exactly the same, such as all in white shirt and blue jeans. Try to avoid this and wear complimentary colors. For example: If he wears a light blue shirt, try and wear a soft pastel or coral color. Complimentary colors photograph a lot better and gives dimension to the photos instead of all matching.

I would also recommend that you bring another jacket or blouse with to change into for the session, it switches things up to change into something different. Also, for the ladies, if you are wearing heels for the shoot, bring an extra pair of sandals or flats with to walk in if we are going from one location to another.

Gorgeous women wearing a green flower dress

Do the little extra – Get Makeup and Hair Professionally done..

If you can have these done, I would highly recommend doing so. It gives you the chance to be pampered and gives you that extra confidence when you look and feel good. Get excited, get into the glam and I’d also recommend getting nails done, it compliments your gorgeous ring.  So, this is your chance to shine, go all out – if you can!

Some couples use their engagement photos for their wedding invitations and for reason being, it also plays a big role to get pampered and looking your best.

Keep it simple..

Don’t wear shirts that have design patterns or logos on. Try to avoid patterned clothing, if however, you love that specific dress, shirt or blouse than I’d recommend the other person wearing a solid color. I want the focus on you as the gorgeous newly-engaged couple and make you stand out, not the patterns.

These are just a few tips for your engagement session. You don’t have to follow each and every step. I want you to be yourself, the best you that you can be, comfortable, pretty and celebrating your love, a journey that has just begun and a moment that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Here is a link to a Pinterest board for some ideas and outfit inspo, just copy and paste into your url: https://pin.it/ehap7q6zorpyj5

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