Choosing a photographer can be super intimate and an important decision. They are with you for some of the biggest milestones of your life: an engagement, a wedding, a baby, a new family member, family sessions, you name it.

It’s true that everybody knows somebody who is a photographer. A relative or family friend who loves photography but sees it more as a hobby then settling with it as a career. They will post their photos online or show it to you in person, and it’s pretty good. They may even own the biggest and best camera gear. But photography is more than just the gear.

Being a photographer myself I can tell you why hiring a professional is essential.

Most professional usually spent tons and tons of time investing in their knowledge and in their business (I sure have, and I still do). Whatever equipment a photographer use, they will know how to use it inside and out and will make the necessary adjustments when it comes to lightning and effects.

Photographers are there to cheer you, to encourage you, to help you, to guide you, to entertain you, to get you to smile and to let you be YOU. Photographers make connections and you may end up being such good friends by the time your session is over.

Photographers also invest time before and after your photo session. They take time to get to know you, to understand what you are looking for, what your best feature is, what you would like to look back too, etc. They spend hours and hours going through photos and editing each one individually will they are perfect.

Their joy will come through and brighten your day and you might end up having a blast during your photoshoot. They will make certain to capture photographs that you can treasure forever. Photographers are known for creating their own art in their field because they love it.

And there isn’t a better thing than to work with somebody who absolutely loves what they do.

It’s entirely up to you, but I would definitely recommend that you invest in a professional photographer to capture your memories. Every photographer is unique in their own field of expertise, but it will genuinely be a good investment!

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